Best Sleeping Bags Guide and Our Top Picks For 2020

Are you an avid fan of camping? Is camping the only that entices you? If yes, then you should have all the necessary things to carry on your successful campaign. Moreover, nothing should come in your way of camping. However, if you’ve decided to bear all kinds of hurdles in your way then you should have the best things in your backpacking to assist you in this saga.

We can help you with this as sleeping bags are considered as the most significant entity when going camping. Yes, you heard it right. You can possibly assume a great trip without your perfect sleeping bag. when you’re going camping, the weather would be the most difficult part to cope with. Although, this is isn’t the only factor to trouble you as there are many other variables to be supposed and considered before planning your saga.

But as soon as you have the road map, it’ll be easy for you to opt for things to carry out with you. Of course, you can’t rely upon roadmap as everything in this world runs over priority, so why not prepare for the worst? Therefore, we bring you a detailed guide over what are sleeping bags and what variables should be considered before buying your perfect match. However, we can’t deny that there are a series of exquisite products in the marketplace. Hence, we’ll conclude with a list of 4 best sleeping bags to go with according to your needs and requirements.

What are sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags are the most essential thing for backpacking. Yes, there’s no wonder if we call it the backbone of the whole camping thing. The bags help you to relax and have a cozy sleep after a long day of restless walk and trail. A sleeping bag is the last thing you need for your camping saga. but if it isn’t compatible then you are going to regret it high time. Undoubtedly, these bags help you to relax down in a warm and cozy area.

You can’t keep up the pace if you aren’t getting the right amount of rest and how could you get if the place where you ooze down your tiredness isn’t comfortable enough. However, the sleeping bag guide can work wonders for you as it can enlighten you about each and every aspect of a sleeping bag.

What are togs?

Surprisingly, only bachelors aren’t fond of camping. since this addiction to camping can even haunt you after marriage as well. Knowingly, married couples are usually deprived of the energy but passion is the one thing that keeps them alive in this quest. But if you’ve babies then is it a good option to camp? well, precisely it’s not due to full of dangers and repercussions you can face in the near future. yet, some couples insist on carrying out this mind-boggling quest.

If this is the case with you then don’t worry at all as now your babies can be secured in a tog and you can easily carry these togs with you. Sleeping bag tog is a common practice among parents having small babies. These sleeping bag togs are used in common daily routine practice to ensure a calm sleep of your baby.

Best Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bag tog guide and their different togs according to temperature

However, the sleeping bag togs can be extremely useful if you’re going to carry on a campaign like above. Still, you need to be aware of the sleeping bag tog guide of the baby. Since, the sleeping bag tog guide, if not followed strictly can be even curtains for your baby. Of course, you don’t want that and we either. Therefore, we’ve tabulated a sleeping bag tog guide table below in order to guide you through the kinds of togs you’ve to choose respective of the temperature.

Just be careful of one thing, the main use of these sleeping bags or togs is to provide enough warmth for you to keep the body temperature constant. While infants or babies aren’t able to complain if they’re getting overheated. thereby, be really cautious when selecting for the tog as sometimes it can even overheat your baby as well.


3.5 tog

2.5 tog

1.0 tog

0.5 tog

26°C (79°F)

short-sleeve bodysuit

24°C (75°F)

short-sleeve pajamas

22°C (71°F)

long-sleeve pajamas

20°C (69°F)

long-sleeve pajamas

long-sleeve pajamas and short-sleeve bodysuits

18°C (65°F)

long-sleeve pajamas and short-sleeve bodysuit

16°C (61°F)

long-sleeve pajamas and long-sleeve bodysuits

Under 16°C (61°F)

long-sleeve pajamas and long-sleeve bodysuits

Different types of sleeping bags

Let’s dilate the concept of sleeping bags in more detail and let’s talk about the concept of sleeping bags and their classification according to temperature. Seasons never remain the same, there isn’t snowfall all the time, neither the leaves are shedding everyday. Surely, season changes throughout the globe as sometimes it’s hotter and sometimes it can be frosty. Therefore, the sleeping bag is divided into 3 types according to their availability.


Bag type


Temperature rating


Summer season

Hot nights

30°F and higher



Spring and fall trips

20°F and above


Winter season

Cold nights but not frosty

20°F and below up to 0°F

Essentially, the most important part about camping like we’ve discussed above is staying warm. Whether, the sleeping bag fall in either of this category, their primary goal remains the same and this is to keep the camper warm. If it is not able to do so, then I am afraid guys, you need to change your approach towards finding that perfect sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags guide- what aspects are to be considered before choosing the right one?

Well. we can easily call-off as a million-dollar question if you’re in the confusion of choosing your sleeping bag. There’s no turning back, once you’ve brought the bag with you on the journey and there are high chances that you are going to suffer some mighty blows in face of restlessness and insomnia when you’re on the journey.

Therefore, we’ve made your worry a bit relieved by answering some basic queries you may have regarding the sleeping bags. we’ve covered the 4 basic pillars of sleeping bags that are responsible for making a sleeping bag accessible to you. The 4 basic aspects to be considered are temperature, insulation (a type of fill), shape/size/weight, and compressibility of the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag warmth guide and temperature rating factor

The most important factor to be considered is the temperature rating. Like, we’ve discussed above the sole purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide you enough warmth so you can spend your time at ease.

In fact, these sleeping bags are designed in such a way that they provide you with warmth and heat. Now, you must be wondering why warmth and temperature are so essential? Obviously, if you aren’t warm and cozy in your bed you’ll obviously be restless and the further journey’s future will be on stake. Since you can’t sleep well, so ultimately you aren’t able to recover your energy therefore, you’ll end up deprived of your energy.

While temperature rating is the factor that is considered for your sleeping bag. well, what is this temperature rating? A temperature rating basically points out the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag can sustain itself to keep us warm and let us feel hot.

You must be amazed to know that there’s no universal way of checking the temperature and setting the universal standards. Yet, companies claim different things but we found it rather peculiar than based on reality. Therefore, it is rightly advised to trust your wits and gut feelings when opting for sleeping bags.

You must be sitting on your seats and thinking that why are we reviewing temperature as an important factor as there are some limits and standards you must know before going to buy your sleeping bag.

  • Upper limit
  • Comfort
  • Lower limit

One needs to consider these factors when looking for a temperature rating of your sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags insulation or fill factor

Another factor that’s required to be highly considered when going for a sleeping bag is fill or insulation. Although, it’s a difficult factor to be comprehended. however, we have briefly described about what is sleeping bag insulation? the fill or insulation is a factor that is basically responsible for the weight and temperature of the bag.

There are generally two types of fills that are considered for buying. So, when you’ll be going for your sleeping bag than the question between choosing the two types of fills; down or synthetic can be a bit troublesome. However, there are some major differences between the two making them accessible in different conditions usually.

Down fill

Synthetic fill

Lighter and efficient

Heavier and not that efficient


Not compressible and bulkier

Expensive and durable

Cheap and not durable like down

Fill power determines quality of the bag

No such feature to determine

Not suitable for wet conditions

Best suited for wet and damp conditions

Shape/fit and their types factor

Well, you must be wondering that is the shape of the sleeping that important? In fact, the truth is, it is. It’s really important. Like, we’ve discussed above that the major purpose of any sleeping bag is to provide optimal temperature in order to provide warmth. in addition to that, comfort is that one thing which any of the camper or backpacker ultimately desire.

Undoubtedly, every shape and fit of the bag suits every other person. Not all are able to get hang of every kind of shape. In this perspective, there are 3 types of shapes are designed within a sleeping bag to suits every camper’s desire and need. The following are the three types of sleeping bags.

  • Rectangular
  • Mummy
  • Semi-rectangular




Not suggested for outdoor camping

Best suited for outdoor camping

Modern modification and a good option

No Taper cut through the legs

Availability of taper cut through the legs

A modified mummy-shaped with semi taper cuts

It is best suited for backdoor camping

It isn't the best option

The best option for any kind of camping

Most warm bags

Not so much warms

They are somewhere in between making a food option

They aren't spacious enough

They are spacious enough

Again in between somewhere but a great option

Compressibility of the sleeping bag

Compressibility is a cutting edge highlight that everybody searches for in a camping bed. A compressible hiking bed can be depicted as a pack that can be effectively put away with no hustle in a little stuff sack. Either the pack is loaded up with engineered or down protection. Be that as it may, down fill is viewed as the most compressible as they are stuffed the littlest. Notwithstanding that, they are the light-weighted ones as well.

There is an undeniable advantage of a compressible hiking bed that they are suited in a lot of lesser space in the knapsack or your vehicle. Also, you ought to be mindful when the pack is compacted, so as not to save it for quite a while as it can harm the sack.

Our favorite sleeping bags in 2020

After pondering over the above guidelines, you must have a fair idea about what sleeping bags and how can you choose a sleeping bag based on your needs and requirements. Thereby, we have enlisted 4 of our favorite sleeping bags below to choose from. We have mentioned all the necessary details like essentials of bags with the adds on to get you going with.

1. NEMO Rave 30 Sleeping Bag

No matter how tough the conditions ought to be at your camping, and no matter wherever you pitch your tent, you can’t keep going without resting. Well, if you’re looking for such a serene environment to let your muscles relax a bit then you don’t have to look further.

It is a sleeping bag that is finely designed for you to have a peaceful and comfortable sleep as you’ve never had before. It’s time for you to not sleep like a mummy in your sleeping bag, it is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag that is spacious enough to let you turn both sides. Consequently, it is a down-fill sleeping bag best when going on dry and cold conditions.

If these essentials aren’t enough to awe-struck you, then the add ons like the ventilated grill is the perfect example. They are present on the top and provides ventilation in order to avoid overheating. The warmness, softness, and packability, everything is so perfect about this sleeping bag.


  • Really warm
  • Compressible
  • Don't let you sleep like a mummy
  • Specific design for women


  • It is not really spacious if you consider it for men
  • Spoon shape mummy

2. REI Co-op Magma 15 & 30

It is a down insulated sleeping bag. This hiking bed offers a mix of warmth, low weight, and cost that a couple of other camping beds can coordinate. The Magma takes care of business where it makes a difference the most – quality materials, a strong warmth-to-weight proportion, comfort against the skin, no-catch zipper, and an all-around formed footbox/hood. The Magma isn’t the best camping bed on this rundown (Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends despite everything understand that gesture), yet we’ve been exceptionally intrigued with its exhibition. In case you’re searching for one camping bed that can do everything at an exceptionally reasonable value, the Magma 15 is a phenomenal decision.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and warm
  • Affordable


  • Thin material

3. Western Mountaineering UltraLite

The Western Mountaineering UltraLite is a genuinely warm sack for 3-season use. Regardless, that infers we can use it legitimately into the should season and in mid to high tallness circumstances. It is perhaps absurdly warm for low statures in mid-summer, yet at those events, we generally need to use an ultralight investigating quilt regardless.

The UltraLite is created to Western Mountaineering’s best quality. It goes with all the typical features — like a reliably get check two-course zipper to help with ventilation, and an agreeable draft neck area to help hold warmth. The UltraLite uses an ultralight 12 denier shell and a meager diminished cut to ensure the most essential warmth-to-weight extent. Regardless of the way that the slender cut infers that this sack most likely won’t be best for side sleepers.

The UltraLite uses endless even befuddles. These suggest that you can modify down to the spots you need it — over you for extra gleam, or underneath you for less warmth. This adds somewhat to the flexibility of the sack. The UltraLite is a truly warm pack, with an extremely huge cost tag. However, it is similarly the sort of pack that will last you a lifetime at whatever point contemplated properly.


  • High-quality material used
  • Light-weighted
  • No snag zipper


  • Expensive

4. Vango Aurora Double

A renowned 3-season hiking bed that is very well known among the campers around the globe. In any case, the dumbfounding part about this camping cot is its incomparable twofold layer of protection and extravagant of 100% cotton wool lining. The preeminent and sumptuous twofold covering of the hiking bed gives enough warmth to continue at lower temperatures.

Square shaped pack makes it open with the expectation of complimentary developments. With its fragile and refined structure, it guarantees that your night will be very much spent. Besides, the sack is equipped for isolating into two packs also to address the issues of campers. It is structured so that it’ll give an everlasting loosening up rest that you haven’t encountered previously.

Without a doubt, it is a novel design that is delicately made with the additional extravagance of free pillows with it as well. All things considered, you can’t in any way, shape or form oppose this pack if really comprehends the estimation of this art. In any case, would you say you are stressed over the virus? Well not any longer, as it is equipped for withstanding the most chill of climate.


  • Easy to use and portable
  • 100% cotton fillings
  • Best for withstanding the colder temperatures


  • Not a great option for hot weather

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